Theme 'simple'

Another user interface for Admidio:

  • A common white box for data and menues
  • Few different colors, no shades
  • No borders, no round corners

Supported by:: Christian Koslowski

Required Admidio-Version: 3.0 or newer

License: GPL 2


theme_simple_3.1.2 - Files for Admidio 3.1 to Admidio 3.3

theme_simple_3.0.0 - Files for Admidio 3.0.0

admidio.css - admidio.css (suitable for all versions 3.x)

Please copy the complete theme folder 'simple' from the downloaded zip file into the folder 'adm_themes'. . Now logon to admidio, go to Preferences→General and change the theme to 'simple'. Save the settings. If you now reload the page the new theme become visible.

Alternativly copy the complete theme folder 'modern' to the same place with another name. Then replace the admidio.css within the subfolder 'css' with this version of the file. Using this method will preserve the menu entries of already installed plugins.

When you update Admidio please replace the theme with a current version.

This CSS uses two basic colors only:

  • #96c4cb - light grayblue, the 'Admidio' color, used for background and title font
  • #44939f - dark grayblue, used for title background

If you have special colors assigned to your organisation, you can just replace the two colors above with yours using the search and replace function of your editor. To get the html color code you may use or a similiar tool. The color of the editor box is defined within admidio. If this color is no more suitable please change this in Preferences→General. #e0e0e0 (light grey) would fit to most color schemes.

If you would like to use your own logo please exchange logo.png in the images subfolder with your own. If this logo has a different format as the existing one (300 x 130) you may update the settings of #admidio-logo within this CSS file.

  • v1.0.0 from 06.08.2015: compatible with Admidio 3.0 and 3.1
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