Admidio is free of charge and will stay it in future. Nevertheless we would appreciate if you honour our work and support us with a donation. There are multiple ways how you can support us. The donated money will be used to pay the web hosting costs, to buy books and software for the developers or even for the design of this homepage which has been created by professionals.

Donate via Paypal

We also appreciate donations done via PayPal. If you already own a PayPal account this is a very easy way to donate. However, PapPal will keep about 1,5% - 5,2% df your donation sum as fee. The fee depends on your currency and the country where you are donating from.

Support individual developers

Do you want to support and motivate individual developers, plugin developers or other active employees of Admidio directly?

Then click on the link behind the respective employee and donate your desired amount. For the respective service you need a PayPal account which is used for the payment.

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