Admidio is a free online membership management, which is optimized for clubs, groups and organizations. It consists in addition to the classic management of members a lot of modules that can be installed and configured to a new or existing homepage.

Registered users of your homepage have among other things access to predefined and freely configurable membership lists, people profiles and an appointment overview out of Admidio. In addition, members can be put in groups together and can be assigned to properties. You can look for member properties, as well.

If you're not sure yet whether Admidio has the required functions or if they are implemented in accordance with your ideas, you can have a look at demo installation Demo or our documentation Help Watch.

  • Access control (protects members data from unauthorized persons)
  • Fee configurable lists of members
  • Export all lists to Excel, OpenOffice or CSV-file
  • Managemant of events and announcment threads with Ical export support
  • Free configuration of groups, departments & properties
  • Individual rights assignment to groups, departments & properties
  • Upload, manage, and view photos in a photo gallery
  • Profile fields can be configured
  • Adjusting the layout using various plugins
  • Access by multiple organizations on a database and membership data
  • Guestbook with comment option for all entries
  • Import new users via a CSV file
  • and much more …
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