Welcome to the documentation of Admidio. Here you will find all the things you need to set up and run Admidio. On this page we have listed important chapters in each area, but besides that there are a lot of other pages you can discover by browsing through this documentation.

We are constantly improving and expanding the documentation. You are welcome to support us. Be it that you just improve some wording on a page, maybe even add a small chapter to a page or even add a new page to an undocumented area. Any assistance is welcome. Since editing this wiki is protected, you need to register for it and then be unlocked. Just write an email to with your wiki username and shortly what you want to document.

Once you have downloaded Admidio from our site, you will want to upload and install it on your local web server or already on the Internet on those FTP servers, perform the initial setup and later update to newly released Admidio versions.

Admidio can be easily adapted to your specific needs. For this purpose, the template engine Smarty is available to you, on the basis of which we want to migrate our complete presentation step by step. In addition, there are further possibilities of customization via configuration files, own module calls or even the setup of email templates.

Once you have finished installing Admidio, made your customizations, you want to set it up and use it in a way that suits you and your group, club or organization. For this you can use the different modules. You will find descriptions of the different modules, which describe the configuration and the concrete use of Admidio.

If you want to develop Admidio further, we have some useful information for you here. It doesn't matter if you want to do this development for yourself privately or if you are thinking about adding your extensions to Admidio. You will find a small wiki section with tips for developers, as well as our documentation of Admidio specific classes and functions.

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