Mitgliedsbeitrag / Membership fee

The membership fee plugin is used to calculate membership fees and export them either as a SEPA XML file or in the form of a list (XLSX, CSV). Membership fee does not provide a way to send a SEPA XML file directly to a bank. An external home banking application must be used for this.

Contributions are determined based on role memberships. For this purpose, the following role types have been defined:

  • Age-based roles (Contribution calculation depending on the age of a member)
  • Family roles (Contribution calculation for families or groups where one member is the contributor. As a special form of family roles, there are multiplier roles in which the contribution value of the role is not added, but serves as a multiplier.)
  • Fixed contribution roles (Calculation of contributions for divisions, honorary members, young people, etc.) - (Admidio 4.3)

Older versions: - (Admidio 4.2) - (Admidio 4.1.1) - (Admidio 4) - (Admidio 3.3) - (Admidio 3.2) - (Admidio 3.1) - (Admidio 3.0) - (Admidio 2.4)

Supported by: rmb

Plugin-Version: 5.3.0

Required Admidio-Version: 4.3

Supported Databases: MySQL

Supported Languages: German, English, French, Dutch

License: GPL 2

Sourcecode: GitHub

  1. In the adm_plugins folder, create a new folder with any name (suggestion: membership_fee).
  2. Then copy all files (and folders) of the membership_fee folder from the unzipped zip file to this folder.
  3. Then use the Admidio module menu to create a menu entry for membership fees with the following URL: /adm_plugins/<folder name from point 1>/membership_fee.php.
  1. Delete all files in the plugin directory from membership fee.
  2. Then copy all files (and folders) from the membership_fee folder of the unzipped zip file to the plugin directory.

The user manual is available as a PDF document. It is included in the download file and can be accessed from the plugin's menu.

5.3.0 (17.01.2024)

5.2.1 (06.08.2023)

5.2.0 (06.03.2023)

5.1.6 (18.12.2022)

  • Important NOTE: With this update the main script “mitgliedsbeitrag.php” has been renamed to “membership_fee.php”. The URL in the Admidio menu entry must therefore be adjusted accordingly.

5.1.5 (08.09.2022)

5.1.4 (08.06.2022)

5.1.3 (19.04.2022)

5.1.2 (08.03.2022)

5.1.1 (22.02.2022)

5.1.0 (08.01.2022)

5.0.2 (08.04.2021)

5.0.1 (11.01.2021)

5.0.0 (12.12.2020)

For changes before version 5.0.0 please look at the german page

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