With this plugin freely configurable statistics on profile Field contents and roles can be created. These statistics are unique (similar to their own list) configured and stored. Later, these preconfigured statistics can then be called any number of times. The statistics generated from a configuration can then be viewed by authorized members. - (Admidio 4.1 or newer)

Older versions: - (Admidio 4.0) - (Admidio 3.3) - (Admidio 3.2) - (Admidio 3.1) - (Admidio 3.0) - (Admidio 2.4)

Formerly supervised by: Fasse formely: kcn/Alexn

Plugin-Version: 3.4.0

Necessary Admidio-Version: 4.1

Supported databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL

Supported Languages: German, English

License: GPL 2

Sourcecode: GitHub

The following steps are required during the installation of plugin version >= 3.0:

  • Unzip the contents of the file to the folder adm_plugins
  • Go to the following page
  • Now do the installation.
  • Log in to Admidio and set the appropriate access rights for the newly added menu items Statistics and Statistics Editor. These are automatically transferred to the plugin pages.

The installation of the plugin version < 3.0 ​is carried out as follows:

  1. Unzip the contents of the file ​ to ​adm_plugins
  2. Please add the following ​line in the file adm_themes/​modern/​my_body_bottom.php:​
    ​<​code>​include(ADMIDIO_PATH ​. FOLDER_PLUGINS ​. “/statistics/​statistics.php”);</​code>​
  3. Log in Admidio and click Statistics ​menu on item “​Install/​Uninstall”​
  4. Install ​the plugin ​with the Installation Manager
  • All files from the existing plugin folder must be replaced with the files from the new version.

For an update from a version smaller than 3.0.0, the following file must be called once.

This adds the menu items to the menu of Admidio. If this file call is still included in a theme file, then this entry can be removed after this call.

The access authorizations can be managed from version 3.0 of the plugin via the role assignment in the menu items. There you can assign any roles to a menu item that can see this menu item. The plugin checks this role mapping and displays the corresponding pages only to members of these roles.

The complete User Guide is currently available as a PDF document. This is integrated into the installation package and can be called from the stat editor.

3.3.0 (28.12.2023)

  • Fixes for Admidio 4.3
  • Automatically forward to installation page

3.3.0 (21.08.2023)

  • Fixes for PHP8 compatibility
  • Fix saving of Statistics

3.2.1 (15.11.2022)

  • fix some minor bugs within the editor

3.2.0 (05.12.2021)

  • Compatible with Admidio 4.1

3.1.3 (27.12.2020)

  • Replace deprecated function admStrToUpper

3.1.2 (07.11.2020)

  • Compatible with Admidio from version 4.0

3.0.0 (07.08.2019)

  • Calling up a print preview (RMB)
  • Inclusion of script calls in the Admidio menu
  • Management of access permissions via the role assignment to the menu items
  • English translation
  • Remove config.php
  • Bugfix at the evaluation of dropdown field conditions

2.3.2 (17.06.2018)

  • Remove direct includes of Admidio classes and use autoloader (Fasse)

2.3.0 (25.02.2018)

  • Compatible with Admidio from version 3.3.0 (Fasse)
  • Decimal fields were not evaluated correctly (FusionAlex)

2.2.1 (29.12.2016)

  • fix some bugs

2.2.0 (17.12.2016)

  • Compatible with Admidio from version 3.2.0 (Fasse)

2.1.0 (20.08.2016)

  • Compatible with Admidio from version 3.1.0 (Fasse)

2.0.0 (06.12.2015)

  • Compatible with Admidio from version 3.0.2 (Oliver/Thomas-RCV)

1.1.2 (27.7.2013)

  • Bugfix: Profilfeldreihenfolge im Editor ändert sich willkürlich
  • Bugfix: SQL-Fehler bei Funktionen min, max, sum, avg

1.1.1 (27.4.2013)

  • Problem mit dem Editor behoben

1.1.0 (04.4.2013)

  • Kompatibilität zu Admidio 2.4
  • Zeilen und Spalten können verschoben werden

1.0.1 (19.3.2013)

  • Probleme mit falscher EOL-Kodierung und AdmException wurden behoben

1.0.0 (29.1.2013)

  • Statistics-Plugin veröffentlicht
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