Search Member

This plugin can be used in the overview page. It provides a search field to search for members of the organisation. It is available to all logged in users. Roles that should included in the search can be specified in the config, otherwise it searches all members in the database. The search results are shown as links to the user profile. You can specify if you want to show first and/or last name or the login name.

If your organisation has members across multiple cities, you can include the city in the search.

The plugin is available at or here: - (Admidio 4.x)

copy the plugin to your adm_plugins folder add the following codeblock to /adm_themes/simple/templates/overview.tpl

  <div class="card admidio-card">
      <div class="card-body">
          {load_admidio_plugin plugin="search_member" file="search_member.php"}

Contributions and feature requests are welcome

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