This Plugin provides the interface for the Android-App Appmidio and the iOS-App iAppmidio. The plugin is required to access the member data of your Admidio installation with the App. For correct operation of the app, it is imperative that it is installed on the server where Admidio is installed.

Important note for installing the plugin Admidio:

  • The unpacked zip file must only be copied into the folder adm_plugins. An installation of the plugin in the Admidio page is not absolutely necessary:!:
  • The versions of the app and plugin must not be identical translucent. When starting the app is always checked whether the installed plugin on the server is particular with the version of the app and it can be used.
  • Entering the destination URL within the app is case-sensitive. Please enter the URL as it appears in the browser. In most cases, lowercase letters are used. - (Admidio 4.3 or newer)

APK file for Android - This is the Android app which is installed on the cell phone.

Older Versions: - (Admidio 4.2) - (Admidio 3.3 & Admidio 4.0 & Admidio 4.1) - (Admidio 3.2) - (Admidio 3.1) - (Admidio 3.0) - (Admidio 2.4 & Admidio 2.3)

Supported by: zettem

Plugin-Version: 1.9.0

Required Admidio-Version: 4.3

Supported databases: MySQL

Supported Languages: German

Lizenz: GPL 2

Sourcecode: n/a

To install a plugin please follow the instructions in our Instructions for the integration of plugins.

  • In the first step you should backup the file config.php of the plugin folder.
  • Replace the available plugin folder with the files of the new version.
  • Copy back your config.php in the plugin folder and overwrite the existing file.

You can test the app with our demo page. To do this, you must enter the following data:

URL https://​​demo
User admin
Password Admidio ​

1.9.0 (12.01.2024)

  • Compatible with Admidio 4.3

1.8.0 (02.02.2023)

  • Compatible with Admidio 4.2

1.7.4 (20.11.2021)

  • Compatible with Admidio 4.0 and 4.1

1.7.3 (06.05.2018)

  • Show current members if they have a valid membership at acutal date

1.7.2 (02.04.2018)

  • Compatibel with Admidio 3.3
  • Members of a role will now be shown if end date is not 31.12.9999

1.7.0 (25.02.2018)

  • Compatibel with Admidio 3.3

1.6.1 (23.05.2017)

  • Fix a problem with PHP 7

1.6.0 (17.12.2016)

  • Compatibel with Admidio 3.2

1.5.0 (07.02.2016)

  • Compatibel with Admidio 3.1

1.4.1 (08.10.2015)

  • Compatibel with Admidio 3.0

1.4.0 (12.07.2015)

  • Compatibel with Admidio 3.0

1.3.2 (01.03.2015)

  • Birthdays are displayed in the member lists only with appropriate authorization.
  • Mobile fields are newly recognized as phone boxes
  • various optimizations

1.3.0 (08.12.2014)

  • organization selection
  • Search for members (only with permission for user management)
  • Sort membership lists (by age or last name or first name)
  • Umlauts in events
  • Texts from plugin Membership fees.
  • Detection of jubilees within the get_birthday command
  • various optimizations

1.2.0 (02.04.2013)

  • Support for tablets and smartphones without Menu
  • Show events
  • Displaying leaders in the membership lists
  • Setting for light or dark layout
  • contact support with error messages via e-mail
  • Compatibel with Admidio 2.4
  • Bugfixes

1.1.0 (17.02.2013)

  • Display a QR code when the plugin is integrated into the website
  • Adjustments for new features in the app version 1.1.0:
  • Display of former members of a role (via context menu)
  • Display a birthday list
  • Display of announcements
  • Integration of Google Maps and Google Navigation
  • Editing profiles (Admidio website)
  • Editing role membership (Admidio website)
  • Mail delivery to roles (Admidio website)

1.0.3 (23.01.2013)

  • Security issues closed (Thanks to Admidio team for instructions)

1.0.2 (22.01.2013)

  • Security issues closed (Thanks to Admidio team for instructions)

1.0.1 (19.01.2013)

  • inactive roles are no longer transmitted to the app
  • Display of role assignments according to authorization
  • no error message when installing the plugins in the Admidio page

1.0.0 (12.01.2013)

  • Appmidio published
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