Set up a test environment

Admidio requires a web server with PHP support and a MySQL database. This is already done usually set up on the web space. For developing it is advisable to set up a web server along with PHP and MySQL locally. There are available for Windows and Linux, the XAMPP-Package or for MacOS, the MAMPP Package which provides all components and also has an installation wizard. To install the packages you should read the documentation at the project home page. If the web server is installed successfully, you even should adjust some settings.

The source code of Admidio can be downloaded with a GitHub client from the Source Code Management. Alternatively, you can also download the zip file from our GitHub-Repository. The (unzipped) files you have to copy in the htdocs path of your Web server. In the next step you need to copy in the Admidio folder adm_my_files the file config_default.php and save as config.php. Open this file and enter your data in there. If you work with our supplied test data, then the table prefix DEMO and an organization DEMO must be entered. The following two items you should still complete in the config.php:

$gDebug = 1;
$gImportDemoData = 1;

The first variable activates a Debug Output. With the second setting you are able to import the test data in your database. If not already done, you should have adapted the PHP log file accordingly.

After the Admidio files are copied and the configuration file is adapted , our supplied test data can now be imported. The dataset is approximately equal to the Demo area.

Did you have downloaded or cloned Admidio about GitHub, there is a folder demo_data. Call these via the browser to https://your_local_admidio_installation/demo_data and you will get a page that briefly describes you the impact of the next step and a link which selectively takes you to the start of filling the database with test data in English or German.

If the script successfully gone through with the message installation successful, you must now even call the now displayed link to the update script. The test data are always recorded in the just-released version. The source code of the trunk normally are further developed and for this reason the database now needs to be updated.

Now your Admidio test environment is now set up and you can begin with the development of new features!

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