Admidio use separated language texts within the code that are added in separate XML files. Thus a translation become relatively easy and we look forward to any other language in which we can offer Admidio. Within the translation files we use the xml format of Android String Resource. Our translation files are available at Transifex and you can use that platform to perform the translation. After you are done, we import the translated files from Transifex to the Admidio source code.

If you want to add a new language to Admidio please contact us first. We can thus avoid that multiple people simultaneously translate a language and discuss problems or other things directly. At the same time you can register yourself at Transifex and join the Admidio Project.

If you got an ok from us to translate Admidio in your favorite language you can do so within Transifex. Please check if your language is accepted for Admidio otherwise ask for activation of the language and that we add you as a translator.

After that you can start to translate. Please start with the resource called main program strings. These are the strings Admidio needs. The other resources are plugins and countries that you may translate later.

If you have problems to select english as your source language then please have a look at this short how-to. This how-to starts at the Admidio Dashboard of Transifex.

Now you can start the translation of your favorite language.

If you want to see your work in Admidio you must download your translated strings from Transifex and copy this file to the Admidio folder adm_program/languages. Now you must introduce the new language to Admidio so that it will be shown in the language select box.

Therefore you must add the ISO code and the name of the language to the php file languages.php in the folder adm_program/languages. The name of the language should be a combination of the english word and the name of the language in the language itself.

The following PHP snippet must be adapted and should be add to the beginning of the array list in the file just after $gSupportedLanguages = array(

    'de'    => array(
        'name'    => 'German - Deutsch (du)',
        'isocode' => 'de',
        'libs'    => 'de'

:!: Please note that the ISO code must be the same as the name of your xml file. E.g. if your downloaded XML file has the name xy.xml than your ISO code is xy.

Now restart your browser and go to your Admidio installation. You can now select your new language within the Regional settings of the preferences

Now translate all necessary texts and then send us an email that the language is ready for delivery. We integrate the file in our source code and your translation will then be included in the next Admidio release.

If you want to improve an existing language of Admidio please contact us first. At the same time you can register yourself at Transifex and join the Admidio Project. We will than give you the necessary rights to edit translations in your favorite language at Transifex. After that you are ready to start with the improvements to your language.

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