Plugins und Themes

On this page you'll find a list of available plugins and themes for Admidio. Please review before installing, if the plugin is compatible with your Admidio version and your database, and is available in the desired language.

Help for install and update can be found on the page: Install plugins in a homepage. If you need further assistance, do not hesitate also to use the Plugin-Forum.

  • Appmidio
    Interface for the Android-App Appmidio. The Plugin is required to access the member data of your Admidio installation with Appmidio.
  • Birthday
    Lists all users who have birthday on the current day. Optionally, the birthday childs of the last / next X days can be displayed.
  • Calendar
    Display of the appointments in a small monthly calendar with the possibility of changing the months.
  • FormFiller
    Allows you to fill PDF forms with the profile data and the profile image of members.
  • Birthday List
    Creates a birthday and anniversary list of members.
  • Category Report
    Creates a list of roles and category memberships of a Member
  • Login form
    Display a small form in order to log in Admidio.
  • Membership fee
    Calculated membership fees based on role membership of a member.
  • Random Photo
    Shows a random photo of the photo module.
  • Sidebar Announcements
    Representation of the announcements in a small list with the date and description.
  • Sidebar Dates
    Display of the appointments in a small list with the date, time and description.
  • Sidebar Downloads
    Lists the latest downloads on a slim surface.
  • Sidebar Online
    Lists all active users who are logged in on the homepage since the last x minutes.
  • Statistics
    Configurable statistics for profile Field contents and roles.
  • Written Communictaions
    Write letters to roles and individual recipients.
  • Simple
    A plain styled theme with few colors and a common box for data and menues.
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