Where and how can I help?

Help we can use in many areas. This can range from useful information and assistance in the Forum until the programming of new functions.

Are you satisfied with Admidio, so the easiest way is to help us to recommend Admidio. This can be done in different ways. Show in the different social networks (links at bottom of page) that you like Admidio. So you not only spread Admidio but also remains up to date, if there are new features or plug-ins. In addition, we would appreciate a link on the homepage, will be installed on Admidio. A note in other forums or simple word of mouth among friends is already a help. We are happy about any other visitors to our site and maybe there is someone who wants to be active involved in the project.

In the forum we can continually needhelp in answering questions, helpful hints to reproduce more complicated error messages or simply write useful comments. For this purpose, you have to register only in the Forum and can start right away.

The improvement and expansion of our documentation, we are grateful for any help. Here it can be improved a lot of new articles of all modules produced, as well as existing articles. If you are interested, so contact us, so that we can give you the necessary rights for the wiki.

Of course we always need help in the development. This can start with individual resolve bugs, adding certain functions, development of own Plugins and developing your own modules. This depends on your motivation and your abilities.

Developing new features / modules you should definitely contact us via Email or contact us in the Forum before starting the development. Here we should clarify whether the new function for the official Admidio version makes sense and in which version this feature should be installed. Mostly, our current developer version differs significantly from the version just released, so that it would not help us doing adjustments in the published Version, because they have to be implemented in the development version first, which can be a lot of work under certain circumstances.

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