Update to version 4 from version 3.x

If you update from Admidio version 2 to a current version 4 you have to do an intermediate update to version 3 first. It is not possible to update from Admidio 2.x directly to Admidio 4.x. Please have a look at the instructions for updating from Admidio 2 to Admidio 3.

When updating from Admidio 3.x to version 4.x there are a few special features to consider. Among other things this is due to the fact that we have completely revised the layout in version 4 and in parts the folder structure has been changed.

Before updating you should first check if your used plugins are approved for version 4. You can find this information in the Plugin-Area.

If the plugins are up to date then you have to be aware that a simple update of the theme is not possible. The CSS files have changed completely and now a template engine has been included. If you have made changes to the theme before, you have to make them again in the theme of version 4.

If this is also no problem for you, there is nothing to stop you from updating to version 4.

You should now perform the following steps:

  1. First make a backup of the database (In the database all your user data, role permissions, role memberships and more data are saved)
  2. Remove the existing folder adm_program
  3. Copy the adm_program folder of version 4 to this location.
  4. Replace the index.php in the Admidio directory.
  5. Overwrite the folder adm_themes . This should now create a new subfolder simple in the folder adm_themes . If a simple folder already exists, it should be renamed beforehand. In the now newly created folder is the new theme, which will be set to active after the update. The files of your old theme are still available in the other folder. The layout customization wiki page can help you customize our theme to your desired layout.
  6. Overwrite the folder adm_plugins . Your config files will be preserved, so that your previous settings will also be preserved.
  7. Update additional plugins which you have used so far and which are not shipped directly with Admidio.
  8. If you have created a backup under point 1, you can now call the update page directly in the browser www.example.org/admidio/adm_program/installation/update.php.

    This leads you to the update dialog. For security reasons you have to enter the username and password of an administrator and then you can update the database to version 4. If you have problems with this step, delete all cookies to your domain once and call the update page again.

Now you have successfully updated Admidio to version 4 and can work with it.

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